e-Marketing Management Coach/Consultant

Turn Challenges into Opportunities 

To Increase, Expand and Grow Your Business!

Creative Marketing Techniques’

There are many creative marketing techniques found on the Internet in a wide range of niches. Marketing Managers in the process of building a powerful web presence, increasing bottom line, expanding brand awareness, nationally and growing a loyal customer base face many challenges and may from time to time require temporary support in the form of a coach or a consultant to do e-marketing management “with” them and or do e-marketing management “for” them to turn e-marketing challenges into opportunities.  

e-Marketing Management Coaching and Consulting

There are many marketing firms/agencies operating in specific online marketing niches. However, Creative Marketing Techniques’ LLC provides eMarketing Management coaching and consulting support services covering a wide range of niches to help marketing managers turn marketing challenges into opportunities with either done “with” you and/or done “for” e-marketing management.

Both eMarketing Management Coaching and eMarketing Management Consulting provide support services helping your company makes the most of its investment in its Software Stack. The support services Creative Marketing Techniques’ LLC provide are

  1. Website Development.
  2. CRM Strategy.
  3. Marketing Management.
  4. Customer Retention.

In the beginning of your relationship with Creative Marketing Techniques’ LLC our eMarketing Management Consulting provides done “for” you support services functioning as your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). After the 1st quarter, you will have to option to have us coach your own in-house marketing manager to build the results our e-Marketing Consulting Program helped your company get in the 1st quarter.

First things first. Book a discovery session and lets uncover your marketing challenges so we can get on a path for turning your marketing challenges into your opportunities to increase, expand and grow your company.